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Stud Fee to He's Slim Shady
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Born in 2006, He’s Slim Shady comes from the first crop of colts produced by the 2004 World Grand Champion The Black Night Shade. Due to the untimely death of The Black Night Shade only three crops of colts were ever sired by him. He’s Slim Shady is one of only 52 stallions sired by renown sire The Black Night Shade.  In 2008, as a Two-Year-Old, He’s Slim Shady was named the Two-Year-Old Stallion Res. World Champion and the Two-Year-Old Amateur Res. World Grand Champion. In 2009 he claimed a rare feat by winning 2 divisional World Championships and a World Grand Championship in less than a week. He was the 2009 World Champion Three-Year-Old Stallion, 2009 World Champion Amateur Three-Year-Old Stallion, and the 2009 World Grand Champion Amateur Three Year Old. Sparingly bred, He’s Slim Shady is the sire of the 2016 World Champion Two Year Old stallion Jimmy Choo who also went on to win the 2016 Two Year Old World Grand Championship. This was out of a foal crop of 1. He also produced 2017 Two Year Old sensation Sunset Shady, who became Reserve World Champion Two Year Old Stallion out of a foal crop of 4. So it looks like the chance of getting a bad one is SLIM. To see all of Slim's Championship offspring and the type of mares they are out of, click the following link. He's Slim Shady Champions.He’s Slim Shady is taking up where his great sire The Black Night Shade left off. SPECIAL NOTE: He's Slim Shady will not be available for breeding the Fall of 2019. The purchaser of this fee will have an extension of time to this fee due to the first availability of Slim will be Spring of 2020. Standing At: Rising Star Ranch - Shelbyville, Tennessee Contact: David W. Williams - 931-639-1081 Mare Care - $16/day single in stall - $18/day mare/foal in stall -$8 Single in pasture Ship Semen/Cost- Call for Details